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Are you ready to Live Life and Enjoy the Rewards?

Over 30% of the US population carries a genetic predisposition that increases the susceptibility to greater consequences from stress and risk of excessive obsessive, compulsive, impulsive, and addictive behaviors due to low dopamine levels. Synaptamine™ provides the only known evidence-based natural and effective dopamine agonist, supported by 27 studies (to date) that nutritionally supports optimal dopamine sensitivity and function. Get your 30 day suppily today.

The LaVita RDS Story

In 1982 Dr. Kenneth Blum began his groundbreaking study of addictive behaviors and genetic connections. He and a partner were the first to discover the human gene linked to addictive activities. His vast wealth of research and a deep desire to help others lead him to the creation of a nutraceutical Dopamine agonist formula that is now protected by two US patents and one EU patent. He discovered that many people are lacking in healthy Dopamine levels which may contribute to feelings of depression, low energy and a desire to augment dopamine through risk taking behaviors.
Synaptamine™ from LaVita RDS is Dr. Blum’s licensed formula delivered through revolutionary Nano sizing technology. This allows the body to absorb our nutrients with immediacy and power. Our goal is to just do good. Please consider the great good that Synaptamine™ will do for you. "Live Life - Enjoy The Rewards!"

What Our Clients Say

  • I have been taking a supplement of very high quality amino acids that have not only helped stabilize my mood, increased my focus but also have really cut my cravings not only for carbs but all sorts of behaviors that give me my "hit"...
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    Kelly E.Synaptamine User
  • I have three children who suffer with depression and/or anxiety. We have tried many medications over the years. They would work for a while and then we would need to up the dose or change medications to see effect. While the medication would help...
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    Wendy A.Synaptamine User
  • After six days in, I found myself feeling calm, happy, able to focus better, and anxiety had dropped to nearly unnoticeable. The best way I can explain this amazing product is that my brain feels like it's working the way it's intended, for the first time...
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    F DavisSynaptamine User